developing google sites

   The biggest thing I think I learned from the reading would easily be the sense of building on each other that the steps brings to the table. I think our generation feels that sometimes trial and error is the default way to avoid problems, but it’s often a lot easier to simply take the time to pre-design and break out a list. If you’re attacking the problems in an order then you’re often attacking the problems will full attention as opposed to just wildly creating something and then returning to hope you made everything work.

   Hands down though, the area i need to work on most is content development, I’m the world’s worst to just assume since i use IE and Word that everyone does. I think I need to work on maintaining a sense of Ethos too, because often I find myself wanting to joke around even if it doesn’t exactly fit in. Overall it shouldn’t be tough as long as I go in with the intent to do it.