Visual Intellectuals

The concept is pretty neat but the author is pretty darn wrong. He’s making mountains out of mole hills with the concept that images are being dumbed down. I’d argue that images are merely being used by everyone, so it’s easy to see lots of “dumb” imagery. The argument i’d make is that one of TIME magizine’s top 100 novels was Watchmen. Watchmen is a comic book. It’s a gritty, adult, and very very deep comic book. But, it’s a comic book. I’d argue that its imagery is not “dumb” but in fact the exact kind of sensual gratification he’s complaining we don’t have exposure to, and i’m sure the editors at TIME would agree with me seeing as they called it one of the best novels right alongside the works “catch 22” and “insivible man.” Nothing against lunenfeld, but i think he’s not looking for answers along with the problems he finds.


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