Multimedia is any form of communication that uses multiple mediums. Newpapers would be multimedia because they incorporate pictures and text, Television incorporates pictures and voiceovers, and the internet uses just about any medium you can think of. Multimedia presents this idea of “cutting edge tech” but to me it’s something that we’ve been using for as long as we’ve wanted to communicate with more detail than just one medium can provide. With five seperate senses, it’s very understandable that we’d want to endulge more than one of them at a time.

My opinion on multimedia is that it’s often given a bad rap. People often want to look down on multimedia as the crap attempt to present a new teaching aid using tech that’s more new and exciting than actually useful. Despite what my high school history teacher deeply believed, multimedia was not the use of the remote control looking clickers for pop quizes. Multimedia is when a teacher uses a movie after reading the text to give students a new angle to look at the story.

I hope that by the end of the course I gain a more direct definition and more resources on how to use multimedia in teaching effectively.


I feel like technology doesn’t do either, humans ultimately are responsible for their own social interactions. While it’s true that we live in the age of kids playing xbox online when they’re neighbors or facebook chating while in the same room, we also have the amazing ability to do those things to keep in touch with people who actually arn’t physically close to us. I have a friend who just started as a grad student at Alburn, but almost every weekend we play videogames together. It’s kind of amazing that i can actually play with a friend a whole timezone away.

The book points out the vast array of pornographic options that are best enjoyed solo, then draws the instant assumption that that’s what everyone wants. I’d be quick to argue that while pornography is definately a growth industry on the internet that social networking and video gaming… two incredibly social systems might actually get more traffic if not the same amount.


I think Visuals haven’t changed writing so much as we’re rediscovering the visual element of communication. The most basic forms of communication we know of are cave paintings, but over time the oral culture took control. Now we’re often quick to assume that it was words, text, then pictures and quick to forget it was pictures, words, then text. Pictures are back with a fury though be it film, T.V., Video Games, or the internet. So there’s a sense that we’re backtracking while we’re really advancing.

A good deal of that feeling is misplaced though. Because the fact is a vast portion of the internet is text based. We are a text driven society and I don’t see that changing due to the fact that text is simply the easiest and often most easily understood form of communication.


Visual rhetoric is very similar to textual rhetoric in all honesty. The imagery you present acts in the same way that the nonverbal aspects of textual and vocal rhetoric do. If you produce a picture for your website through microsoft word it sends a very different signal of ethos to anyone who reads it then if you have a cleanly photoshop produced picture. Pathos and Logos with people seems to act in almost the same way however.  With visuals Pathos is very easily conveyed through coloring and the actual image’s various clues such as facial expressions. Logos however is harder to show. often expressed only through visual clues.


My own online persona is very much a solid medicore in the world of online social networking. There’s a single picture of me posing at a forth of july where two people have beers, but everyone in the pic is clearly of age so it seems alright. My profile has a very bare bones but honest bio of what i enjoy doing and want to do in the future and the only other real info details the books and albums i deemed “my favorites” at whatever time i wrote my bio. Overall, it’s got a lot of improvement to go, but it’s not a terrible starting point.


The biggest thing i’ve learned is the importance of formating. That white space and actual images and text are both visual elements. As such they both need to be balanced on the page. That was a new concept to me but, it makes an incredible amount of sense. Because you never want to have a sensory overload happen to the viewer due to the format being poorly constructed. So it’s possible with a few changes here and there for me to have my site become more user friendly in terms of formating if i consider the fact that some rest for the eyes is always a nice thing.